Monday, March 22, 2010

My Pets

Hello all!!!

its almost been a year i did not have any entry at ALL!!!! hrmm... well, let me update you all on what has kept me busy all this while... :) its my pets are getting me really busy.. work, and all.. yea so part of it is my pets...

ohyea for those who doesnt know, i've already started my own photography studio!!! awesomness!!!

and back to the topic...

Camera: Olympus e-520
Lense(s): 14-42mm zuiko & 50mm f/2 zuiko
Venue: my room..
Time: various

well well well, let me introduce to you my pets...

ive started out with a Tarantula, its a rose hair tarantula... and i call him Aragorn.

Rose Hair Tarantula

Rose hair Tarantula

Rose hair Tarantula

Rose Hair Tarantula

Rose Hair Tarantula

Rose Hair Tarantula

so after having him for a while...i thought of getting sumthing more challenging to take care of.. hrmm... call up one of the supplier, and ordered myself an Oriental Whip Snake.. its a mildly venom and wont harm us human...the problem with the snake was that his diets are mainly geckos...and most of the pet shop doesnt supply geckos... so yea.. he's a goner... his name is Apollo by the way...

Oriental Whip Snake ( Apollo)

Oriental Whip Snake ( Apollo)

Oriental Whip Snake ( Apollo)

Oriental Whip Snake ( Apollo)

he died..even i've got geckos for him... :( RIP..

then i move on to giant constrictors...which is the Burmese Python, they can grow up to 15 feet as an adult... and have a life span of about 20-25 years? maybe... hrmm... well, he is only 3 feet at the moment and weight bout 250g...

Burm snake, (Trident)

Burm snake, (Trident)

Burm Snake (Trident)

Burm Snake (Trident)

so thats my Trident!!! the burmese python!! huhuhuh...

next, i got myself another reptile... which is a ball python... and i name him Osiris... :)

Royal Python (Osiris)

Royal Python (Osiris)

Royal Ball Python (Osiris)

Royal Ball Python (Osiris)

he is very docile and very very very frenly... :)

i have another snake which is a corn snake, i did not photograph him yet ATM, because he is still a juvi, and he moves very very fast... :) so yea.. no chance yet...any way, i will update once i got a proper pictures of him thou... :)

hope you guys enjoy the pics and the ''tadika write up''... :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Woman's best friend

Ni hao guys,

How i miss blogging, but cant help it, with very tight schedules i cant blog, and today, i got the chance to blog bout... hrmm like the title says, ''Woman's best friend'' diamonds, gold, white gold and all the shining-shining stuff~~ dudududu.... well, im no expert in jeweleries. so basically im polishing my skills on product shooting.

well, equipped with limited stuff to pull this shoot, i manage to shoot this with a D.I.Y product tent, with a single D.I.Y light, and on board flash. lastly, with a lil bit touch of magic in photoshop... hahah thank Gawd~

loan them from my mum and start shooting as if im a pro~

so like i always said before we see the results, let's cut the crap, and let's the pictures do the talking stuff~

Camera: Olympus E-520
Lense: 14-42mm zuiko
Venue: My room
Time: 2000-2230 hours

One of my favorite shot for this the details on them~

was taken on top of my Marlboro limited edition ciggy box case... hrmm.. limited props remember? hehehe...

hrmm..a small frame holder for the props? well, yea that's a small picture frame holder... i find it interesting to work with this lil things...

here comes the jewel box, i find it nice because of the dark brown colour of the box, and the high contrast with the jewels.

The box just gave it more mood to the picture, like errr... classic elegant? hrmm..

All of them..

another fave from this series... i love those teaser styles~ it feels nice when sumone view your work, and wondering wut the heck is that??? hahha... hope it works for this shot...

thats all i have to share with you all this time... and ohyea, i cant sleep well that night knowing most of my mum's jewels is in my room... hahahah what if i wake up in the morning and i find the box was emptied? deng!

p/s: the jewel has been returned to the owner in one piece... hahahah

peace out~ thanks for the view and time spent reading my koo-koo blog... :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Zxrians in Sabak bernam

Ola guys,

Last weekend on the sunday, zxrians was invited by one of the member (wak epul) from the northern clan to escort a newly wed couple to the reception. it was a very tiring day, and long way to travel, on top zxrians took the coastal way instead of the highway. Coastal highway is not that bad after all with wider roads(4-5 lanes) and i shall say it was a smooth journey, and they were some hiccups at any city we passed by, because there was 20 of us more or less and usually at traffic lights where we will be seperated. The marshall for the day was Abgyop and me... there was no other marshall due to our journey via the coastal road.

well, enuff with the words...and lets the pic talks yea? :)

Camera: Olympus e-520
Lense: 14-42mm & 40-150 mk1 zuiko
Time: 0800-1800
Venue: Puchong~Sabak Bernam

well, i need to self promote my bike first before the events picture.... since im not even in one of the pics... :( sad~~

~love me me do~~~~


Look at it?!?!?! it shines! it shines!!! *Drool* get registered!

The butt view of the bikes... :)

Zxrians official mechanic on the way for re-fuel (Zaidi aka Tok Moh)

If im the still photog, this is wak epul, the video photog... bro, wer's the video???

Taking a break half way, and one of the member(mady minyak) did a pole dance... *sigh*

The new way to make sure that your tire wont get switch while u're away from the bike... kekeke..KP aka Katak Pisang

unexplained act of behaviour... huhuh...Abgyop

3 gay friends... just look at their facial expressions... hehehe... from left-right (farid, haniff a.k.a lucca, & jamal)
Group pic with the newly wed couple... congratlations to them!

at the resturant.. before head back to Klang Valley..

Abg zainal's sister own this restaurant~ so to show support, we drop by to have a drink... :)

Thats all for now guys, will keep it rolling again later on... thanks for the view and the time reading.. :) hope you guys enjoy it as much i enjoyed it too...

truly yours,

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Kia Ora guys,

thank god im okay now... been sick for real this time...and plus with biking activities...was kinda tired and all... too busy to blog...and today, i found myself a time where i can blog...took some pics, and post process it...hrmm...

learn this thru my girlfriend, she taught me on the masking thingy in ps...heheheh she's better than me in ps anyway... so today's pics and topic is bout subject, on how i can attract ppl's vision only to the subject and then focus on the background... so, cut the crap, and lets see what i wanna share with you guys today..

Camera: Olympus E-520
Lense: 14-42 zuiko & 40-150 mk1 zuiko
Time: Random
Venue: Random

Was taken in my room, to show how messy my table is and to focus on my bad habit, which is smoking... hrmm. well even with the messy background im sure most of you will see my ciggy box first yea? coz thats the main subject of my pic...

this pic was taken in my room too with my 14-42mm played a lil bit with the lighting on the right hand side of the ashtray, with the ceiling light was turned off... and as you can see the smoke is in colour mean while the others stay in B&W... this is to show the smoothness of the smoke..

same as the first picture above....with the messy background, i highlighted the lips of the mask, to suits the title which is 'Kiss Me'

was taken with mt 40-150mm mk1 zuiko lense, the fire hydrant is kinda kewl, because it contrast with the B&W background very well, and yea.. we dun really appreciate the fire hydrant, and one day you might need it... huhuhuh :)

thats all for now guys, will keep on updating the blog...whenever im free okay?
peace out~